Wine Review: Fiegl Sauvignon Blanc

White Wine, Wine Review, Sauv BlancWho: Fiegl Winery
What: Sauvignon Blanc Grape
Where: Collio, in Northeastern Italy
Wine: An initial earthy, mineral taste despite the fruity notes of lychee, tart pineapple, green apple, lime zest, tart guava and starfruit.

What I paid for the bottle: $19.50

What to pair it with:
– a good TV show [this wine can stand on its own!]
– any dish with fresh lemon
– any dish with capers
– any dish with green herbs, particularly rosemary, parsley
– fresh oysters

Where it falls on my star chart [out of 10]: I would say this wine is a 7.5. It’s perfect to open with a nice meal, but its not fancy enough to make you feel guilty about opening it on a weeknight. That said, I wouldn’t waste it on pairing it with a frozen pizza or simple salad.

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